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What is the best way to contacting HSTD TRADE ?

HSTD TRADE can be contacted by clicking contact us and filling in the information page and we will do the rest. Our business manager will contact you in 24 hours.

Why is HSTD TRADE different ?

HSTD TRADE does not receive any commision for 3rd party, ensuring that our goal is to look after your business entirely. We do not represent any business in China. We keep you informed at all stages of the sourcing, production, packing and shipping stages.

I already buy in China but I am not happy with the existing service, how can HSTD TRADE help ?

HSTD TRADE can help to resolve any disputes you currently have with existiong suppliers. We can negotiate on your behalf to achieve a satisfactory results.
We can assiste you to the right direction as regards sourcing from reliable suppliers and we also evaluated factories to make sure they can produce your products correctly and timely.

Why should I choose HSTD TRADE ?

HSTD TRADE understands what our foreign customers require, when purchasing in China. Our multilingual staff mean there are not any language problems associated with dealing with factories who only know a small amount of english. Our cultural understanding of working with Chinese supplies means that cultural and communication problems are eliminated. We take the "headaches" out of dealing with chinese supplies.


I only need one or two services that you offer , is that ok ?

HSTD TRADE can be used for the services that suit your requirements. If you only need us for one or two services, that's no problem.


What experience does HSTD TRADE have ?

HSTD TRADE personnel have been trading in China for the past 20 years, we have built a wealth of experience and contacts throught China . Our business managers are multilingual and have been dealing with all aspects of sourcing and working with factories.

Can HSTD TRADE provide a complete sourcing to shipping service?

HSTD TRADE offers a complete service from product sourcing to finding the correct factory for your products. We also undertake to supervise and inspect the whole production process and loading of the container. We will also arrange the shipping as we have our own logistics to Asia, Europe and America.



HSTD TRADE is a foreign owned enterprise with the Head office in Southern China. We have offices and warehouses worldwidely in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Singapore and Los Angeles. Set up for the purpose of helping customers import and export goods to and from their desired locations.

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